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Dienstag, den 16. November 2010 um 10:28 Uhr
Industry & Mystery - Industry & Mystery

Success is the Result of having Fun while Working together ...

Industry & Mystery Services are based on my conviction that technological progress and emotional intelligence belong together.

1) Holistic Process Optimisation

It is essential to consider the company as a living organism of individual persons with very individual skills, interests, talents and goals.
Holistic process optimisation means to blend personal and technical requirements and make the employees accept and identify themselves with the changed or new processes, as they see the benefit for all involved.
This way, the savings calculated on a sheet of paper will we working in the 3D-world as well.

2) FaceIT-Tool-Kit

In all sectors of life it is important to "talk the same language" to understand the different motivation of the people to find a way to live in together harmony. In Sales this means to understand the needs and requirements of your customer to be able to provide the suitable product, service or solution. For this purpose I have developed FaceIT! - a special Tool-Kit for everyone who has to communicate and understand people he just met or hardly knows.

a) Seminars "Asian Face Reading for Sales Situations"
- Level I  - Basics
- Level II - Advanced Features
b) Moderation of company workshops
c) Presentations on conferences
d) Sales Training (including an introduction into Asian Face Reading)

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